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DAV is an organization of veterans helping veterans. The reasons are as individual as our members. Some join for the fellowship at our more than 1,200 local chapters. Some for the inspiring national events. Others for opportunities to serve their fellow veterans and their families. And many join to continue the fight to support the rights and benefits of all veterans. DAV understands the needs of veterans because we are veterans – 1 million strong. We invite you to join our cause.

While our nation has more resources and programs in place to care for our veterans than they did 100 years ago, thanks to the efforts of the veterans who came before us, there are still many changing needs our returning soldiers face. Our legacy hasn’t changed. We are still a group of injured and ill veterans joining together to help one another.

The issues today’s veterans’ face are as varied and diverse as the veterans themselves. Just as the early DAV needed to gather numbers of veterans to validate their cause, the greatest value in DAV membership today is still our numbers, making our voices louder to policy-makers. 

To ensure the longevity and strength of our organization, membership remains important. Members have the opportunity to submit resolutions, proposing important changes they would like to see. These resolutions have the potential to be voted on by our state and national membership, and if resolutions are adopted, they are brought before lawmakers and backed by the strength of our numbers.

There are other benefits to membership in the DAV. There’s camaraderie with our fellow veterans, discounts from Ford and many other companies, and membership dues mainly go back into state and local services so that veterans can continue to receive DAV help for free!

Making positive changes often requires connecting, networking and teambuilding, just as it did for our founders. With each new member, we bring more skills and ideas to the table. We make our voice stronger and can help assure that our legacy will continue for future generations who need it. 

veterans helping veterans

DAV is an organization of veterans helping veterans. We receive no government funding and look out for our members 100% of the time because we have been in their shoes. We are proud of our 100+ year history of helping our country’s veterans, proud of our record of fighting for your rights and proud of working alongside so many other non-profits and advocacy organizations to make sure that we fulfill our promises to the men and women who have served. Most of all, we are proud to serve our country’s veterans as you so steadfastly served us.

Membership in DAV includes access to a wide range of money-saving advantages for you and your family. These generous partners stand by our veterans through a variety of programs, products and services.

Your DAV membership dues go to help fellow veterans. While part of your dues helps produce DAV Magazine, which keeps you informed about topics important to you and your family, a portion of these funds is also redistributed to departments and chapters to directly support DAV programs and services that are offered in your community.

Membership dues also support initiatives to assist homeless veterans and provide supplies for our service officers. 

As a DAV member, you can get involved and work with local DAV leaders who help decide how these funds are used. They identify the greatest needs of the veterans in your area.

DAV’s programs and services are free to those who need them, and membership dues are one way we all help ensure DAV continues to be there, in your community, fulfilling our promises to the people who served. 

what does dav do for veterans?

Services are all free of charge to veterans, many of whom are not DAV members–but who frequently join after seeing what DAV does for them and their communities. 

the value of dav membership

membership application

Download the application (PDF), fill it out and mail it in or apply for a membership online.

what does dav mean to our members?

how are dav membership dues used?

dav charitable service trust

Smart Phone & Pad Apps

Check out the Google Play store or Apple Store for DAV apps
  • DAV Digital Magazine App
  • DAV California App

Who is eligible to join dav chapter 48?

Chapter 48 Sonoma welcomes any person who is a member of the national DAV organization. Whether you’re already a DAV member or new to the organization, we can help. Contact us to get the process started. Chapter 48 membership is free, and we offer many opportunities to get involved. Non-disabled Veterans or non-Veteran citizens can join DAV Auxiliary which works in coordination with DAV members. 

who is eligible to join dav?

Any person:

  • who served in the armed forces during a period of war or under conditions simulating war, and
  • was wounded, gassed, injured or disabled in the line of duty to any degree, or left with long-term illness as a result of military service, and
  • was discharged or retired from military service under honorable conditions and
  • who has not been dishonorably discharged or separated from such service or
  • who may still be in active service in the armed forces of the United States of America or
  • Others who are disabled while serving with any of the armed forces of any nations associated with the United States of America as allies during any of its war periods, who are American citizens and who are honorably discharged, are also eligible.

how does dav membership benefit you?

As a DAV Member, in addition to our programs and free services, you are entitled to Member Advantages, which gives you access to a variety of important programs, products and services. Also included with your membership is a FREE subscription to DAV Magazine.

dav membership dues

$300 – DAV Life membership is permanent.

Membership dues can be paid in interest-free installments following a minimum $40.00 down payment or as little as $10.00 per month with recurring credit card payment. Veterans age 80 or older = FREE. Life membership payments are non-refundable and are not tax deductible.

To sign up for membership  complete an Online Membership Application  or print and fill out the Membership Application to mail in with payment.

Chapter 48 is here for you if you need assistance with this process.

If you have additional questions please email or call 1-888-236-8313 to speak with a membership specialist.

already a dav member?

To make a payment on your membership dues, please contact DAV National.

You can log into the DAV National website using your DAV Membership Number.

If you are a Chapter 48 Member you may contact us if you cannot find your DAV Membership card and/or do not know your DAV Membership number since we may have it on file. However, to obtain a new DAV Membership you will need to contact DAV National. 

civilians can join the dav auxiliary

Since 1922 the Disabled American Veterans Auxiliary (DAVA) has partnered with the DAV parent organization in their mission of service to disabled Veterans and their families. That relationship has continued to flourish and the blended organizations have achieved many victories in their quest to improve the quality of life our Veterans rightly deserve. 

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