Volunteers are the heart and soul of our organization. All of our cost-free programs and fundraisers are made possible because of volunteers. It would not be possible to help disabled veterans and their families without volunteers. DAV offers a wide range of volunteer opportunities. No matter who you are, your level of experience, or what your volunteer interests may be, there is a role you will enjoy. We have volunteers of all ages.

Although we are making tremendous leaps on Capitol Hill in securing better healthcare and benefits for veterans, there is still a need for the most important ingredient: Volunteerism.

It is up to each of us to find and care for those veterans that need more help than the system can provide. Our organization was founded on ideals of selflessness, patriotism, and the value of veterans helping veterans. 


  • Perform a wide range of duties at VA hospitals. If you are interested in giving a few hours to your local VA hospital, please contact Voluntary Services Coordinator at 562-404-1266 or, for more information.
  • Drive disabled veterans to their VA appointments using a DAV van. Some veterans have no way of getting to their doctor, and you could be that difference in their lives. 
  • DAV supports young adults helping veterans in their communities. So much so, that over $100,000 in scholarships is given away annually to young DAV volunteers. The only requirements to apply are: being a DAV volunteer under 21, with at least 100 recorded service hours.

All hours given by you or others (outside a VA hospital) should be recorded under our Local Veterans Assistance Program. Our organization gives away thousands of unrecorded hours each year that we could use to justify a better VA system. Remember, every bit counts!



DAV Chapter 48 is an all-volunteer organization, whether you are a veteran or civilian, we’d be grateful for your help. Whatever your passion, we have a place for you. 


We need volunteers to help us with events and fundraisers. 

Our fundraisers are also an opportunity for veterans to socialize and meet with each other and the community. 

We hope to keep having crab feeds year after year. The volunteer positions needed to put on a crab feed include:

  • Food Servers
  • Set-up crew
  • Clean-up crew
  • Security guards 
  • Door monitors
  • Floor monitors
  • Drink bar attendants
  • Audio/visual attendant
  • Raffle & auction attendants
  • Kitchen help
  • Front desk ticket booth attendants
  • Promotion and outreach
  • Donation & sponsor acquisition 
  • And so much more
  • The volunteers who comprise the nationwide DAV Transportation Network help us to provide the best possible care, morale and assistance to our country’s heroes. DAV and Ford Motor Co. team up to provide the vehicles. But the program depends foremost on volunteers who recognize the contributions veterans have made. 
  • Unfortunately, with the passing of the Greatest Generation of World War II-era volunteers and with baby boomers working longer, organizations like DAV have had a difficult time finding qualified volunteers to help connect veterans to the care they have earned.
  • Volunteer drivers are the key to the success of this program, and they positively impact the lives of the veterans we serve. Most volunteer drivers say they get as much or more in return for the special thanks they give and receive from the people they help.
  • This service is offered at no cost to those who served or their families. DAV is a charity that relies on public support.
  • Without this service, many veterans would not be able to access their medical benefits, which they have earned through service and sacrifice to preserve our way of life. 
  • The Santa Rosa Community Based Out-Patient Clinc (CBOC) has a DAV Vehicle – and we need volunteers to join the DAV Transportation Network. 


Local Veterans Assistance Program (LVAP) may be just what you’re looking for. The Local Veterans Assistance Program (LVAP) was established to facilitate and recognize volunteer initiatives that contribute to the lives of our nation’s ill and injured veterans. The program empowers individuals to find and develop new and unique ways to use their skills and talents to support veterans and their families. By providing resources, assistance or help with everyday needs, volunteers help veterans and their families enjoy the best quality of life possible.

Individual volunteers and groups may report their time for a variety of activities. A few examples include:

  • Work to support DAV Chapters, specific outreach efforts, and fundraising efforts.
  • Direct assistance to veterans, survivors or families with such things as yard work, home repairs, grocery shopping, respite care for caregivers.
  • Offering pro bono professional services, or using a skill or trade to provide training or support to veterans, their families or DAV entities.
  • Support activities for homeless veterans.
  • Involvement in community activities that support and encourage veterans.
  • Volunteer drivers.
  • VA facilities. 

  Even though volunteers are not required to register for all volunteer positions, we encourage people to register and log in their hours so that we can quantify the needs of the veteran community. 

Also, check out our other web pages Donate Page and Wish List, and events page to see other ways you can Volunteer or contact Chapter 48 to learn how to volunteer for Chapter 48.

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